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Product description
Descriptions, technical data and prices may change unexpectedly. Please refer to the product page, only the price shown the day of the order is valid. Products may vary from the ones illustrated on the website, we do not take responsibility for mistaken pictures or texts.

Stock availability
Our products are exclusive limited editions.
Therefore products shown on the website are available according to the stock. Please refer to the product page so as to know how many pieces are still available. If a product has run out of stock while you are shopping, we will inform you per email.

Prices are indicated in CHF (Swiss Francs) and represents the product. Additional shipping costs are added to the order, according to the type of product.

Shipping costs
Shipping costs may vary depending on the product and the customer's country. Please refer to the product page to know the exact amount.
Our system adds a shipping cost automatically for each unit ordered. If you want several products sent together, be careful not to add quantities in the shopping cart, but please send us an email with your request as to arrange a special shipping deal.
.. Payment method
PayPal (Secure Online Payment).
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Delivery / damage risks
Products are dispatched on confirmation of the payment.
The customer receives a confirmation through email when the product is sent. We use protective packages, but economy shippings for orders below ca. CHF 150 are not insured and the customer bears the risk of loss or damage while shipping.
We send each article in one package automatically. If you want several products sent together please send us an email with your request as to arrange a special shipping deal.

Refund policy
We consider the product sold once it has been sent to the customer. If a product runs out of stock while you are shopping and we are unable to send it, we credit your account for another product. However, we do not allow refunds based on a change of taste.

Privacy policy
All data/information sent to us is treated confidentially and will not, under any circumstances, be transferred to others.

Intellectual property
All concepts, pictures, illustrations and photographies of Calendargame products are protected by copyright.